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Hunting with the Southern Shires Bloodhounds For some time I have admired the country scene of a hunt rushing past me in full swing, but I had only ever been able to stumble across a local hunt and take an opportune picture as I was on my way somewhere else.

I've always found it interesting to see how the hounds work, following a scent, while the hunt try to follow and keep up, while navigating around typical countryside obstacles.

Hunting has been part of our countryside tradition for many years, and has been depicted in paintings by many artists.

However recently I was allowed to follow a local Hunt and take photographs, one i had always wanted to take was of a pack of hounds just milling around, so when i got the opportunity, this was the first I took.


 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma APO 70-200 mm 100 f/4.5 146mm 1/400



These particular hounds are (for the those that don't know) are Blood Hounds, these are great hunters, and for this particular hunt, they hunt the scent of a couple of runners.

It was great to see the relationship between the Hounds, the horses, the people and their families all involved in the Hunt, from young children, to the more "experienced" Horse person.

I look forward to Attending more of these events and taking some great pictures in the future.

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Up on the Ridgeway Being so busy recently I had not had any time to wonder around some of the local nature reserves to just look around and see how the seasons affect the local environment.

However, yesterday, Despite the Appalling weather and the high winds, i though i would take a stroll over the ridgeway.

There is always a good spot to be had up there, so i took a couple of nice sunset photos, before the clouds became to overcast.

Below is the before and after processing, or a little bit of photo shop fun!

Before After


 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOD 60D Canon EF-S 18-55mm 400 f/4.5 29mm 1/160


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Combined Training @ Grove Farm Equestrian  Yesterday I spent most of the day covering a combined training event at Grove Farm Equestrian.

Although the weather was not as good as I would have liked!, it did manage to stay dry for most of the day, with just some light showers towards the end of the day.

Grove Farm Equestrian is set in a lovely setting and is ideal for taking some dressage photos during the combined training event, in addition I also managed to get some of the show jumping covered.

For me this just adds to the enjoyment of photographing equestrian events, having the option to capture the grace and movement of the dressage test while also being able to capture the speed, agility and strength in the the show jumping.

All the photos from the event can be viewed on my website at or the event url direct at

IMG 0956 16062013   IMG 1073 16062013
 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma 70-200mm   100 f/2.8 70mm  1/640s 
 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma 70-200mm  100 f/2.8 126mm  1/500s 
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Gipsy's came a travelling Recently on the way out of Goosey, I notice a small group of travellers that had settled on the side of a road, the sight of this intrigued me and I stopped and asked them if I could take  a few pictures of their horses and of course their caravans.

This group were particularly nice and allowed me to take some photos while also talking to me and generally passing the time of day.

It was interesting to get a view on how things are for people that choose a different lifestyle to the norm and the rest of us, but they had their reasons and it was interesting to hear them.

I might talk about this in a bit more detail in a later post, but for this one, I wanted to just show the reason the caused me to stop, it was the colourful sight of the campsite and the traditional caravan (washing line an all).

I will publish the rest of the photos I took on this blog and on my website at over the coming days.

Gipys Capmed at Goosey

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma 70-200mm  100 f/4.5 70mm  1/1000s 
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Published Photos from Lyford Stud I normally publish a selection of photos from events I attend onto my Facebook page this is normally a background process that works from my website hosting directly to Facebook, but for some reason, although i keep getting emails telling me this has been successful, it seems that the photos aren't showing up on Facebook?

In the meantime, I thought I would publish a selection on my blog as a slideshow (see below).

To see all the photos from the event please visit

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Event Photography at Lyford Stud I spent a great day today taking photographs for an event held at Lyford Stud.

The event consisted of clear rounds and 2 classes, and the event was attended by competitors travelling from far afield as well as some locals that just hacked down the road and competed in the clear rounds.

Lyford Stud seem to have got things just right, with a nice relaxed atmosphere and nothing being too much trouble, even complimentary tea and coffee, which for someone like me stood out in the school taking photos, is  a real blessing.

Below is a sample photo taken, showing the atmosphere and the fun that the competitors were having and the ideal surroundings.

All photos from the event can new viewed and purchased from my website at

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma 70-200mm 200  f/2.8 117mm  1/1000s 
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Photo Shoot at Grove Farm Equestrian Yesterday I spent some time at Grove Farm Equestrian on a photo shoot for their new website.

I recently attended an event at Grove Farm and was impressed with the whole set-up and great relaxed atmosphere, they also have some very impressive facilities and services set in a lovely picturesque setting.

They are having their website revamped by Acorn Web Design and I was asked to go down and take some photos for the new website.

The day was great working with the proprietor of Grove Farm Equestrian, Belinda Shaw and also Lorraine Hill from Acorn Web Design, The staff were all very helpful getting things prepared for photo sessions and constantly tacking up horses, riding around and generally doing whatever we asked to get the right pictures.

The Grove Farm Equestrian website can be viewed at and the new version should be available very soon, I have had a sneak peak and the new site looks very impressive so watch that space.

In the meantime see below one of the pictures taken on the shoot, this was taken in the school showing the reflective surfaces allowing the rider to see both the position of the horse and the rider while schooling, I was trying to show the main focus on the front of the rider without appearing in the shot myself!.

All other photos I take can be viewed on my website at  I am also available for all types of commission work, feel free to contact me via my website or by sending an email to

Ketuia Photography

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma 70-200mm 100  f/2.8 135mm  1/1000s 
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Lashford Lane Fen In my spare time, I often look around for local nature reserves, to see what I can find locally and within a few minutes traveling distance.

There are a number of reserves around my local area, and for the first time today I ventured out to Lashford Lane Fen, I had looked for this previously but it had been well hidden.

What attracted me to this today was that I heard there was a bird hide on the reserve, so I thought I would pay a visit and see if I could set-up my camera and wait patiently for something to show up worthy of photographing.

After a while it seemed that all the wildlife that was going to show up today was a robin or two, so I thought rather than going home empty, I would take a shot or two of the robin, especially as it is that time of year when they are nesting and bringing up their chicks, I may have to wait a couple of weeks to see the first flights, but in the meantime I captured a mother  collecting more nesting materials and food.

Ketuia Photography

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma 50-500mm 4-5.6 6400  f/5.6 500mm  1/800s 
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Asti Fun Jump As the half term week has come to a close, Asti Equestrian held a fun jump, to replace their normal fortnightly jump clinic.

As usual at Asti Equestrian the atmosphere was calm, relaxing and enjoyable for the parents looking on at was was happening in the school.

Below is a show of some of the action rom the 6pm class.

As usual all photos can be viewed online at the Ketuia Photo website.

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Its Raining Again! Today as I looked out of the window at the constant rain, I thought I would look back at the weekend weather that now seems so far away, it's only through looking back at some of the pictures taken at the events that I was able to attend that re-assures me that actually, we did have some sunshine and warmth.

Below I have embedded a slideshow that links directly to my Photo website, this shows how a typical bank holiday in the UK should be, i.e dry, warm and sunny and lots of people out enjoying their particular sport or hobby.

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Bank holiday weekend This bank holiday weekend has really had an Equestrian theme.

The start on Friday evening was a Gymkhana games organised at the local riding school and livery yard at Asti Equestrian (covered in a previous post).

On Saturday with the first decent weather we have seen in a long time, I spent the day taking photographs at an event hosted at Grove Farm Equestrian, where they were running an outdoor Show Jumping event, with some British Show Jumping Club  classes, this was a lovely day in a wonderful setting, all the photos taken from this event can be viewed here.

On Sunday, Blewbury centre held an indoor event, with unaffiliated classes, both the events on Saturday and sunday were well attended, all of the photos taken at Blewbury can be viewed in my events gallery here.

It's always good to see people having fun and enjoying themselves over a holiday weekend, the picture below was taken at Grove Farm Equestrian just before one of the classes, showing a group of competitors trying to figure out the course.

Of Course all photos taken at these events can be viewed on my website at

Ketuia Photography

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma 70-200mm 100  f/2.8 431  1/1250s 
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Fun and Games at Asti Equestrian As I mentioned yesterday in one of my posts, Asti Equestrian had arranged a gymkhana games last night to mark the start of the bank holiday weekend.

As usual I was in attendance to try and capture some of the fun and excitement.

Overall everybody had a great time and a lot of fun, the ponies really performed and it was nice to smiles on everybody's faces while racing up and down the school on their ponies, with the quirks of each of the races.

This picture shows the relay race and the passing of the baton, but I think it gives a real indication of the fun had by all.

All the photos for the event are uploaded to my website  at and can be viewed here or by clicking the image below.

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma 70-200mm 640  f/2.8 70mm  1/640s 
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Asti Equestrian Gymkhana IMG 0792 19052013

Later today Asti Equestrian are hosting a Gymkhana Games, We are all expecting some fun, and as usual I will be attending with my trusty canon to capture both the competitive moments as well as the fun moments.

Watch this space and I will publish the pictures on my website over the weekend.

This picture was taken while Sunny was being put through his paces in a little test run to see if he is up to it or not, what do you think?

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma 70-200mm 100  f/2.8 70mm  1/640s 
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Didcot power station - a blot on the landscape? For those that live around the Oxfordshire area, you will be well aware of the effect of the Didcot power station on the landscape, it's something that has been with us now for many years, and local residents have mixed views about its presence.

For me personally though, I have 2 views, mainly because my view of the power station has changed recently with the downgrading and switching off of the power station.

Last year while out around Didcot I took this picture, which to me epitomised what the power station was, this was a night shot, but it captured the cooling towers in their full glory, what this showed to me was that although there is a general view that the power station was ugly, in my view it was providing a valuable service to the grid and therefore the production of power outweighed the look of the power station and it almost gave it an eerie and attractive look.

Didcot Poer Station Cooling Towers at Night

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D EF-S 18-55mm 3200  f/4 18mm  1.0s 

However now that the power station is non functional, my view is that it really is a blot on the landscape as it serves no purpose, I recently took this photo of a landscape from the top of Wittenham clumps, there is a great view of the power station from tree, but all it looks like to me know is what (in my mind) it is, and that is nothing more that a pile of concrete on the landscape with no function other than a reminder of how we used to generate power using the coal based power stations.

This Picture shows the whole power station rather than just the cooling towers, but it does show just how much of the landscape was taken by the development.

Did power Station from Wittenham Clumps
 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Sigma 70-200mm  100  f/32 76mm  1/13s 


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What are these flowers? I took this picture recently on one of the few warm, dry and sunny days, I was attracted by the strong colours, however as I am not a botanist of any kind I have no idea what the plant is.

It would be nice if any of the readers of this blog could identify it for me and let me know.

From a technical perspective though I found this to be quite an attractive plant and worthy of the shot, what i really enjoy about this type of photography is the chance to get outside and wonder around some of our wonderful English countryside.

Ketuia Photography

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Tamron 70-300mm 100  f/5.6 300mm  1/80s 
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Potted Cat! Sometimes you just have to take an opportunity for a shot, this is one of my own cat "Pebbles" who despite that fact that she could have chosen anywhere in the garden to rest, decided that the best place was a flower pot.
She paid no attention to the flowers that were already growing in the pot, and just settled down and made herself comfortable. 

She is really a star, and I'm sure we will be seeing lots more of Pebbles.

Pet patriots are a real favourite of mine as they capture the personality of those additional family members, this is a really enjoyable piece of photography for me, if you would like a portrait of your own pet feel free to contact me via me website or click the link on the image.

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Tamron 70-300mm 100  f/5 218mm  1/640s 
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Pet Potraits One of the most enjoyable photos I get asked to take, is that of somebody's pet.

You can see from the below picture why these photos can be so beautiful, This particular cat has no name, it is only about 7 months old and is used as a mouser at the local riding school at Asti Equestrian.

This photo was a pure chance shot where the cat was lazing about in the sunshine.

Look out for some other cat / pet portraits over the newt few days.

If your thinking about a portrait of your own pet, please look at my website for details of my services and how to get in touch with me

IMG 0660 19052013

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Canon EF-S 18-55mm 100  f/5.6 55  1/320s 
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Toadstools While wondering around the local woods, I stumbled across a moss covered log, that looked like it had been fallen for some time, on this particular track, I recall that only a few weeks ago the track was completely flooded and  impassable.

In the weeks since then, the weather has allied these toadstool to grow on the side of the log, the log was half buried, so I had to get down quite low to get this shot, of course as the track was still sodden, I got a little bit muddy to say the least, but overall I think it was worth it.

IMG 0642 16052013

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Canon EF-S 18-55mm 100  f/22 55mm  1s 
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Zoom Effect While taking some photographs in the woods of Bluebells, I thought I would experiment a little with a zoom effect.

in the picture below I zoomed the lens over  a long exposure to create the effect of motion for the bluebells, I think the effect is either something you like or hate, personally I quite like this one, but just for effect i have show the 2 photos, wit and without the zoom effect.

IMG 0568 16052013

 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Tamron 70-300mm   100 f/29   259mm 0.6s 


IMG 0575 16052013
 Camera Lens ISO  Aperture  Focal Length  Exposure 
Canon EOS 60D Tamron 70-300mm   100 f/29  70mm 1s 
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